Merit Applications

IMG_4846_cropMerit applications are used on trees such as crape myrtle, hackberry, pin oak, white birch, and flowering plum to prevent aphid infestation.  Merit applications are injected into the soil around trees and shrubs during January and February.

Merit injections are a cost effective and environmentally friendly method for controlling aphids because the application last for approximately one year.

The main alternative to merit injections is spraying trees with an insecticide that is more expensive, less effective, and can be a logistical challenge.  If not treated, the common side effect is a waxy residue/sap that drips onto cars and grounds and is transferred into the buildings by foot traffic.  Also, infestations can distort leaf growth and appearance, taking away from the beauty of your plants and trees.

Merit FAQ’s

What types of insects does Merit control?

Merit controls many insects including aphids, ash sawfly, leafhopper, leafminer, mealy bugs, japanese beetles, lacebug, thrips, whiteflies, birch borers, and many more.  Please note that Merit does not control spider mites.

I have insects on my tree now, is Merit the best treatment?

No, Merit will not begin to control the insects for 3-8 weeks after application.

Is there anything I should do for the tree after the application is performed?

You do not have to do anything for the tree.

If you would like more information on Merit applications, please contact our service desk.


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