Customer Spotlight – Let’s take a trip to CalSTRS

Property Management Firm: Jones Lange LaSalle

Property Manager: Betsie Goulart

Landscape Maintenance: The Growing Company

Location: 100 Waterfront Place, West Sacramento, CA, 95605

LEED Certification: LEED Platinum


Saves energy, reduces water consumption, healthier work environment

The CalSTRS building has earned a LEED Platinum rating by the U.S. Green Building Council, the highest rating given, making it one of Sacramento’s most environmentally friendly buildings.  Reaching Platinum-level certification is a rigorous process which requires extensive inspections of the following categories: sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials and resource selection, indoor environmental quality, innovation and design.

The Growing Company is proud to contribute to their platinum-level certification.  We have maintained the landscape at this 4.5 acre property since it was built in 2009.  The Growing Company assists their LEED Certification process through a series of monthly reports and green landscaping techniques.  The Growing Company meets the unique challenges of water conservation by using water-efficient landscaping along with smart irrigation practices, which equates to a 40% reduction in water usage!


Improves air quality, reduce stress

In addition to the external landscape maintenance, The Interior Plant Company designs and maintains the indoor plants and holiday decor.  The use of indoor plants throughout the building is not only aesthetically beautiful, but is a natural way of improving building air quality.  Interior plants play a vital role in continuing the theme of a healthy and tranquil environment.

“I am always impressed by the commitment and dedication provided by The Growing Company. Their expertise, responsiveness and professionalism to all of their clients is truly exceptional.” – Betsie Goulart, JLL Property Manager

Ask us how we can can help your existing building earn LEED certification!